2018 Responsible Cyclists (RC) Pledge


League of American BicyclistsNote: This form is intended for cyclists who participated in a Group Riding Skills Course in 2016 or 2017.

If you registered for a GRS course in 2018, you do not need to complete this form and we look forward to seeing you at the course. Once you attend, you will automatically be designated as a Responsible Cyclist for 2018.

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Thank you for your dedication to City to Shore and for your past participation at a Group Riding Skills Course. We appreciate your willingness to pledge yourself as a safe, courteous and responsible cyclist at City to Shore again this year.

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With 7,000 riders on the road City to Shore weekend, it is important that each cyclist set a good example by following the rules of the road and respecting the communities we ride through. Unfortunately, the future of the Ride is constantly in jeopardy due to the inconsiderate and dangerous behavior of some City to Shore cyclists. We need your help to ensure the future of the Ride. Spread the word about the importance of safe and courteous cycling behavior during City to Shore weekend. 

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