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Training, Nutrition & Hydration

Being fully prepared for the ride is extremely important and will help you enjoy the event so much more.

Check out the links below to make sure you are training and prepared for the ride weekend.

Training ResourcesTraining Rides | Hydration & Nutrition

Training Resources


While Bike MS does not offer training rides, our sponsoring bike shops do! See below to find out when shops are hosting rides in your area:

* Not yet updated for 2014

Hydration & Nutrition
Hydration and nutrition are two essential components that help ensure an enjoyable ride.

To help you with nutrition during the rides, Bike MS provides breakfast, lunch (75- & 100-mile cyclists) and dinner, plus fully stocked rest stops every 15-20 miles.

Important Reminders:

Beware signs of dehydration:

NOTE: If you experience any signs of dehydration, please visit our medics, who can be found at each rest stop along the route
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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!