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Support You Can Count On

While you ride, you should only be concerned about two things: having fun and riding safely! We take care of all the rest. Here are just a few of the volunteer groups you can count on during your weekend adventure.

Communications Team
Communications volunteers are stationed along the route. If you encounter an accident or other emergency, let the communications volunteer know. They are easy to spot: just look for a car with a really big antenna!
Note: These volunteers are there for communication purposes and are not permitted to direct traffic.

Road MarshalRoad Marshals/Gold Wing Road Riders Association
These motorcycle volunteers can be found at "trouble" intersections and along the route. They monitor and guide cyclist traffic, but are not permitted to stop vehicular traffic. When you see a road marshal volunteer, ride with caution. They’ll be wearing orange vests and waving orange flags so you can’t miss them.

Medical Support
Emergency medical support travels the entire route in the event that a cyclist may be injured. Help us provide top-notch first aid by completing the back of your rider number. In addition, an emergency number will be printed on the wristband included in your rider number packet. Use this number during the ride if you spot an accident. First aid stations will also be available.

Mechanical Support
Get your bike inspected prior to ride weekend to identify major issues. Sponsoring bike shops will provide minor repairs on the road and at rest stops on ride weekend. If you encounter a mechanical problem while riding and need assistance, move completely off to the side of the road and turn your bike upside down. View City to Shore sponsoring bike shops.

Bike MS route markerRoute Markings to Look For
We make every effort to ensure you won’t get lost. Follow the orange arrows every pedal of the way. You’ll see our route signs at each turn and even on straightaways, so you’ll know you didn’t make a wrong turn. Plus, don’t forget to pick up your cue sheet at the start each day or on our website ahead of time.

Bike MS staff and key volunteers will be monitoring the route.

Police, Fire Police and Communities Who Welcome Us
Every effort is made keep you safe. Where possible, local police have been recruited to help you travel through hazardous intersections and on busy roadways. Be courteous, as they help you travel safely through their communities.

SAG Wagons
Just can’t push another pedal? Flip your bike upside down and look for the first SAG wagon to come your way. Give the thumbs-down signal if you want to be picked up. You and your bike will be transported.
NOTE: The trip into the finish line is not always direct. Be patient as we pick up other cyclists in need. If you only want a ride to the next rest stop, let the driver know.

Personal SAG Vehicles Prohibited
Personal SAG vehicles are not permitted on the route. Please understand our need to cut down on vehicular traffic for YOUR SAFETY. Click here for off-route directions (coming soon). If you or your team wishes to secure a personal SAG vehicle, notify Bike MS staff.

Rest Stops
Every 15 miles you will find a rest stop featuring food and water to keep you going, first aid stations where available, mechanical support from supporting bike shops, sunblock and other amenities.


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