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Group Riding: The Basics

Why It’s Important
Group riding takes practice. The future of Bike MS: City to Shore Ride is in YOUR hands! With 7,000 cyclists on the road during City to Shore weekend, all with a variety of skill levels, it’s important to know how to ride safely and courteously in a massive group. The dangerous actions of a few can jeopardize the future of this ride for all. Bike MS provides the necessary tools to educate all City to Shore cyclists on proper riding etiquette but it’s up to YOU to become a Responsible Cyclist.

Safety starts with you. A group mentality is not always safe.

Your responsibility in a pack includes:

Learn How: Group Riding Skills Courses
League of American Bicyclists logoBike MS has partnered with the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), a national organization dedicated to cycling, cycling advocacy and cycling education, to offer our cyclists free Group Riding Skills (GRS) Courses.

The GRS courses are designed for active participation. Courses include a classroom portion of approximately 60 minutes and an interactive cycling portion in the parking lot to practice group riding skills drills and techniques. The course DOES NOT include an actual ride. All courses are taught by League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors (LCI).



Group Starts
Due to the number of cyclists starting at PATCO Woodcrest Station (75- & 100-mile start) Saturday morning, a staggered start has been instituted. Remember, you are starting with 7,000 other cyclists and it is important that all riders, veteran or novice, understand the courtesies involved with a ride the size of City to Shore.

Staggered Start Schedule: Click here
Staggered Start Map: Click here (pdf)

Staggered Start Tips:



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