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The future of the ride is in your hands

The dangerous actions of a few can jeopardize the future of this ride for all. Bike MS provides the necessary tools to educate all City to Shore cyclists on proper riding etiquette but it’s up to YOU to become a responsible cyclist. We need you to spread the word to your fellow cyclists and teammates and protect the integrity of the ride.

Be courteous. Be responsible. Be safe!

Click on the links below for safety information including
Group Riding Skills courses and more.

Roads are open to traffic during ride weekend!

Group Riding Skills Courses Responsible Cyclists Information Education & Training

Group Riding Skills Courses
GRS Courses: Registration Form

Become a Responsible Cyclist
RC Pledge Form

Responsible Cyclist

Bike Inspections
Safety Information Mailed to All Cyclists
Safety Brochure
Cycling Equipment
Support You Can Count On
Training Resources, Training Rides,
Nutrition, & Hydration



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