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Are you up for the challenge? Take your fundraising to the next level and reach for the stars! Did you know the average cyclist raises over $500? Many raise over $1,000! Spend one week--just one week--fundraising and spreading the word about your journey in the fight against MS. Here’s how:


Raise $500 in 7 Days


Monday  Make your own pledge  25 
   Ask your boss (don’t forget Matching Gifts!)  50
 Tuesday  Ask your spouse or significant other  25
 Wednesday  Ask 5 relatives for $20 each  100
 Thursday  Ask 5 friends for $15 each  75
 Friday  Ask 5 co-workers for $10 each  50
 Saturday  Ask 5 neighbors for $10  50
 Sunday  Ask 5 local businesses for $25 each  125

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