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Fundraising 101

The Bike MS: City to Shore Ride sponsored by:

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How to Turn in Donations

  1. Online
  2. Mail
  3. At chapter office

Click here for more information.

How Your Fundraising Helps

Fundraising events such as Bike MS are directly impacting the immediate needs of people living with MS and their long term needs so they can lead their best quality of life. To learn how your dollars are making a difference, click the "Your Impact" tab of the Why We Ride page.

Fundraising Incentives, Prizes & Clubs

2014 long sleeved t-shirt

  • Early money turn-in long-sleeved T-shirt (pictured above)
  • 2014 prizes (start at $650)
  • VIP and Top 250 VIP Club
  • Fundraising level awards
  • Passport Program

Click here to learn more.

One On One with #1

Click on the video below to learn how and why cyclist Albert DeRitis fundraises, earning him the coveted top fundraising spot three years in a row (2012-2014)!

One on One with #1 video image

Top 10 Participants in 2015

1. Albert DeRitis, $60,670
2. Andrea Rosenthal, $40,233
3. Ian Harris, $28,515
4. Gary Crooks, $23,994
5. Tom Mangus, $21,230
6. Jack Beiter, $21,126
7. Joanne Straub, $20,525
8. Walt Rosewitski, $20,107
9. Troy Watkinson, $19,831
10. Frank Boka, $18,490

Click here to see the top 25 participants and teams

Fundraising Tools Index

 - My Account (online fundraising)
 - Fundraising/Welcome Kit
 - Fundraising letter
 - Know Your Networks worksheet
 - Pledge sheet
 - Social media tools
 - Matching gifts
 - Media/PR Kit
 - Raise $500 in a week
 - 55 fundraising ideas
 - MS Store
 - Community events calendar

Fundraising is one of the most important elements of Bike MS. Remember: Each cyclist is required to raise at least $300. The majority of cyclists go above and beyond the fundraising minimum. Join the majority of cyclists and go above and beyond that minimum. Help us reach our goal and click here to see our progress. All donations to the National MS Society are tax-deductible. 

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
Follow these simple steps:

Step #1 -- Know your networks
Make a list of every person you know -- friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, alumni and business associates. You have just created your donor list. Need extra help? Use the Know Your Networks worksheet (pdf).

Step #2 -- Set your fundraising goal
Now that you know your networks, set your goal.  The requirement for all City to Shore cyclists is $300, but based on your networks can you achieve VIP status at $1,000? Keep an attainable goal in mind. Once you’ve settled on your goal, make sure to log into your account and update it. There is always an opportunity to adjust your goal throughout the Bike MS season.

Step #3 -- Share your commitment and make a plan
Now your fundraising can begin. Many think the ASK can be difficult, but it's easier if you tell everyone why you are doing what you are doing. Articulate why you are taking on City to Shore. The excitement is contagious and your story will inspire others. Your commitment and passion will be the reason they choose to give you a donation. Use the fundraising tools below to help you.

Fundraising Tools 

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!