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City to Shore Planning Team

cts planning team-2014.jpgCity to Shore would not be possible without the year-long support of the Planning Team. This team of 40+ members is made up of a diverse group of cyclist and volunteers who enjoying working together to help staff plan and execute many aspects of the ride. Planning Team members are always busy - they work with the communities we ride through, host happy hours, plan the Rider Expo and Rookie Rider weekend activities, attend bike-related area events to promote City to Shore and recruit cyclists, mark the route and much more!

Many Planning Team members are also League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors (LCI’s) who teach our Group Riding Skills courses.

“I enjoy the comradeship of the other volunteers, the preparation for the ride and the ride itself. Of course, the bottom line is to help folks with MS.”


The 2015 Planning Team kicked off in March – see meeting dates below. If interested in other volunteer opportunities throughout the year, please visit our Volunteer Page

Watch this video to learn all about one of the many ways
the Planning Team contributes to the success of
City to Shore - the Rider Expo

All Planning Team meetings are held from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. at the National MS Society office located at 30 S. 17th Street, Suite 800, Philadelphia.

  • March 18 (kickoff)
  • April 15
  • May 20
  • June 17
  • July 15
  • August 19
  • September 16



  • Brandon Andres
  • Dana Doan (Advisory Board)
  • Kenneth Gordon
  • Stephen Kuhn
  • Frank Plunkett
  • Bill Robinson
  • Dhruv Sharma
  • Hollis Weston
  • Stan Barndt (Advisory Board)
  • Kathy Billmann
  • Adam Patoczek
  • Erica Rodriguez
  • Karl Rother
  • Nan Steketee
  • Steven Asbell
  • Jeff Craighead
  • Pam Craighead
  • Chas Crits  
  • Rachael Herman
  • Scott Israel
  • Cindy Johnson
  • Tony Marchionne (Advisory Board)
  • Laura Cooper
  • Marc Levinson
  • Trish McFadden (Advisory Board)
  • Philip Milazzo
  • Stephen Rauscher
  • John Siemiarowski
  • Aimee-Kate Braconnier
  • Kristen Brinson
  • Patricia Caughey
  • Lisa Crits  
  • Don Elsas (Advisory Board)
  • Alan Finkelstein
  • Chris Scofield
  • Chris Moran
  • Tom Figlio
  • Scott Santos
  • Matt Venanzi
  • John Petty II
  • Edward Madden
  • Dennis Dougherty (Consultant)
  • Desiree Fleck
  • Diana Hulboy
  • Jeffrey Meyers (Current Planning Team Chair)
  • Lloyd Humphrey
  • Karen McGovern
  • Ed Blumenthal
  • Bill Drury
  • Kelly Martinovitch


Thank you to all of the teams represented in the Planning Team.

  • Accenture
  • Coffey's Crew
  • Comcast
  • D & Q 
  • Bike Team
  • Electronic Ink
  • Force Majeure
  • jersey's team
  • Karen's MiSadventure
  • KPMG Bike Team
  • NFI
  • No Worries
  • Peddlers Shop 
  • Cycling Club
  • Public Health 
  • Pedalers
  • Raising Caine
  • Roxborough Riders
  • Screens n' Spokes
  • team azimmteam elf
  • Team Evesham
  • Team Janney
  • Team Joelle
  • Team NFI
  • Team PCAS
  • Team Thomson 
  • Reuters
  • team tony's place
  • Wheel Life

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