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Highlight your Team or Individual Champion

Does someone living with MS inspire you and/or your team to ride? Inspire others by telling us about why you ride. Then check back here to see your story and others, as we update this page throughout the year.

Team Stories

| Team Mars | CALLAHAN BEARINGSTeam Squash | The Wakely Flyers | Team Ox | J-Cubed | The Jessters | TEAM BETH |

Cyclist Stories

| Halley Tiefenthaler | Warren Siaton | Joe Wilkinson Jr. | Erin Johnson | Kevin Comber | Robert Smith | Louis Belasco | Victoria Elbrecht | Karen Rechner  | Mark Ryan  | Albert DeritisLillian Thomas | Margaret Brommer | Joanne Dunn I Joseph Doonis | Ella LeeErin McCardle | Thomas HauberPaul Rotter, Jr. | Valerie Buck | Ryan LevineCarol WiatrakMichael WarnerPatricia Stiebritz | Richard JonesJessica RudolphSarah Dorflinger | Leigh LeftwichTheresa McHughAmanda Zimmerman | Paul AdamsPatty Melvin | Susan Cowan | Kevin HartMary TerresonKarol Collins |  "The Steves" |

Team Stories  

Team Mars
Captain: Darell Mordue 

Team Mars (M&Ms) started riding for fun at the best organized ride in the North East. With a group of 8 in the first year, we met Charleen Hinton (now our champion) and she inspired us to ride more. In our second year we grew to over 50 riders and in the third over 100.

Charleen is fantastic inspiration - she has MS, it does not have her! She is so positive and her enthusiasm is infectious. Everyone on the team loves her hugs at the end of the ride and her constant motivation leading up the ride.

We designed her own M&M character this year which is our 'symbol', which will be proudly displayed on our jerseys - Ms Purple! Go Charleen and go Team Mars!

Captain: Marlene Callahan

Team Callahan Bearing rides for their sister Marlene Callahan and for her fight against MS. Marlene started cycling when diagnosed with MS, now she cycles every day and everywhere. Marlene has inspired our family & company and now has gotten the company & family to ride with her. We gave here the nick name "Ride On, Marlene" and that is printed on the back of our cycling jerseys.

Team Squash
Captain: John Ball

Team SquashLisa Talese does not ride. She has been coming to the City To Shore Ride for the past four years and waits at the finish line with her husband John who has MS. "We stand there with all of our family and friends. about 50 of us, in ornage tee shirts, and watch everyone come through, especially our team. That day is filled with so much emotions, words cannot explain, these riders ride for those that cannot, they ride for the hope of a cure one day. We cannot thank them enough for what they do each year. The tears that are shared that day are tears of happiness for what they do, not only for my husband John & Dave, but for the other thousands that fight MS today. Thank you and God bless for another year."


The Wakely Flyers
Captain: Chris Wakely

The Wakely Flyers fans with signsThe Wakely Flyers is a team formed in the spring of 2007 by a good friend who modeled the enormous power that one individual can have on the outcome of the competition versus MS. That first year, one Wakely Flyer pedaled from Cherry Hill to Ocean City. In the time leading up to and immediately following the first Wakely Flyer Tour, word spread, and 20 riders mounted a bike in 2008. 32 riders came out in 2009, and there are expectations of 40+ riders in 2010. The idea of riding a bike 75 miles in support of a close friend and his family challenged by MS has blossomed into an event that involves hundreds of individuals in countless ways. Each contribute individually to form a powerful team in the fight to find a cure. We are the Wakely Flyers!
The Mission of the Wakely Flyers is simple: First to raise money to find a cure, and second is to have a lot of fun doing it!
The beautiful game of lacrosse connects everyone involved with the Wakely Flyers - family, friends, teammates, opponents, fellow coaches, former coaches, game day officials, student athletes mentored by the many Flyers whom were/are coaches, their parents and many, many more. Although everyone once wore the colors of many different teams, the Wakely Flyers don the same uniform while demonstrating the spirit that inspires thousands to cross the last bridge into Ocean City: The Power of One. 
Inspired and focused, every Flyer appreciates the difference they make with each rotation of their pedals, with each dollar raised and with every funny story shared along the way.

Team Ox
Team Ox
Captain: Larry Oxman, Karen Oxman

Maryanne Lapera was a loving mother,wife and sister. In 2005 she lost her fight against MS.

Team Ox will be riding in her memory in the hopes of helping others win their battle against this horrible disease!


Muller J-Cubed
Captain: Jamie Scanlan, Matthew Scanlan

J-Cubed is named for three people in the family with MS - my dad John Muller and my two cousins Jimmy and Jenny. My dad is my best friend, and seeing him suffer from MS is the worst thing I've ever experienced. My family and I are involved in the fight against MS to ensure that this disease will one day be a thing of the past. Our identifiers will be bandanas.


The Jessters
Captain: Daniel Coe, Jim Foster

The JesstersJessters champion (and cyclist) Jessica Ranson was diagnosed with MS in January 2004 while at The University of Scranton completing her master’s degree in physical therapy. She says she has been blessed with a strong support system of friends and family to help her through the ups and downs of a life with MS by helping her maintain her focus as a student, motivating her to continue competing on the college swim team and comforting her when dealing with her exacerbations. Adapting to a lifetime of possible flare-ups and injections hasn’t been easy, but she says her support system has found ways to ease the burden.

One of the more meaningful ways they show their support is through the annual Bike MS ride. Team Jesster started as a small group of family members in 2005 at the City to Shore Ride. Jessica rode with her fiancé, Matt Coe; future brother-in-law, Team Captain Dan Coe; and Matt and Dan’s brother-in-law. Since then the Jessters have grown to include Jessica’s father and her future father-in-law and sister-in-law, as well as friends and neighbors, cousins and coworkers.

“With each new member, the bike tour becomes even more meaningful to me because it’s an important reminder that you are not alone in the fight,” Jessica said. “And while my teammates are out there to ride for me and my cause, I do it for those with MS who can’t ride and for those who have nobody to ride for them.”

Their team identifier will be a Jester cap on top of their helmets. The costume piece is more than just a play on Jessica's name; it’s symbolic of how they like to live their lives… with a smile on their faces and a good laugh now and then.

Captain: Kathy Cleary

Team BethTEAM BETH rides in City to Shore to honor and help Beth, a close friend and mother of two who’s living with MS.

They will be riding with black and red silicone bracelets (to match Thermofisher Scientific jerseys) that say TEAM BETH RIDES 4 MS CURE. Team Beth likes this symbol because they are unisex and comfortable, and possibly could be sold to raise money through fundraising. The team has so many volunteers spouses, children, parents and friends of riders who support them in so many ways, and they feel that the whole Team Beth family can wear these bracelets.


Cyclist Stories

Halley Tiefenthaler
Rides: City to Shore, Team Fanboys
Location: Collingswood, N.J.

"I ride for Mom. She was diagnosed in 2007. It was life changing for everyone in our family. We had to help her out more around the house and make sure she doesn't burn herself out. I ride to show support for someone I care about, to show that no one is going through this alone, that someone is always there for you. I ride to find a cure."

Warren Siaton
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Malvern, Pa.

"I ride for a childhood family member Robert Mendoza who has been diagnosed with MS. I ride for those who can't. By riding in the MS 150 city to shore we make a difference."

Joe Wilkinson Jr.
Rides: City to Shore, Team Raising Caine
Location: Levittown, Pa.

"We do it for Mike. I am a Rookie Rider on Team Raising Caine. Team Raising Caine was started by our Team Captain Trish McFadden. I do it to help make a difference in the fight against MS. Mike Caine is a dear friend who has battled MS for many years.I had to have back surgery and was told I would probably never work again, or if I would even walk.The back surgery was successful. Today I am able to ride for this great cause and am blessed in many ways. The struggles I had to go through are nothing compared to what Mike has to endure every day of his life. I do it for Mike, and everybody, who lives with MS. They are my inspiration. Together we will defeat MS."

Erin Johnson
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Philadelphia, Pa.

Erin rides for her childhood friend, who was diagnosed at the age of 21. “She has lived with MS for 17 years and has maintained an amazingly wise, positive, understanding, and playful demeanor despite innumerable small and large challenges. I am riding for her, for our continued friendship, and because I am a nurse and health professional and know that many others out there also have MS. I have learned so much through this friendship, and by being a witness to my friend’s experiences going through life.”

Kevin Comber
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Cherry Hill, N.J.

Kevin rides for his wife who was diagnosed shortly after they began dating 20 years ago. "Despite family members warning me about a life caring for someone with MS, I continue to stand by and support by my wife no matter how bad things get. Riding the MS 150 is truly a life experience; pushing your body to its extremes, challenging yourself knowing you're doing it for others you love. The support for the riders on the way down and at the end make the event like no other. I can't take the disease away from my wife so this is the closest thing to it. It will change you as a person."

Robert Smith, MD
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Cherry Hill, N.J.

"I was personally diagnosed with MS in 1997. I did the 'Coast the Coast' ride in Northern NJ for 3 years (98-00). I've been doing the 'City to Shore' ride for the last 13 years. Since diagnosis, I've been as physically active as possible. As the saying goes 'if you don't use it, you lose it'. It's amazing how many people have MS. When I was diagnosed, I didn't know anyone with this disease. Today, it seems that everyone you talk to knows someone with MS. My prayers are for everyone affected by MS but please stay as active as possible."

Louis Belasco
Rides: City to Shore
Location: North Wildwood, N.J.

Louis rides for his friend Rochelle and early detection and effective treatment.

Victoria Elbrecht
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Ocean City, N.J.

Victoria rides to help those in need and to support a former friend, Donna Dirienzo. "She was a wonderful person and great piano teacher with a lovely family!"

Karen Rechner
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Cape May, N.J.

Karen is riding for her brother Danny who has been living with MS since 1996.

Mark Ryan
Rides: City to Shore, Friends of Bernie B.
Location: Glenn Mills, Pa.

"On September 16, 2012, I started a dramatic lifestyle change. My weight was out of control (approx 330 lbs). I was a smoker, a weekend warrior with alcohol, a junk food and caffeine addict that was on his way to having a major heart attack before the age of 50. Inspiration from a friend (Tony M.) and encouragement/support from my family and friends gave me the drive and desire to change. Today (August 9, 2013) I am down -94 lbs. I will be down -100 lbs before City to Shore. What better way to celebrate this lifestyle accomplishment than to get involved with such a great organization and Team (Friends Of Bernie B)?"

Albert Deritis
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Broomall, Pa.

Watch this video to learn how and why cyclist Albert DeRitis raised $41,125 in 2012 and earned the coveted top fundraising spot.

Lillian Thomas
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Germantown, Md.

I ride for my little sister, who was recently diagnosed with MS. She inspires me in her perseverance and positive, loving spirit! Love you Jenna! Keep fighting, keep positive, keep riding!

Margaret Brommer
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Levittown, Pa.

I started riding because I love to ride and my best friend was joining a team. She asked me to join as well. Now, in my third year, I ride not only because I love to ride, but because I have discovered I have friends who live with MS. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something good while having fun! 

Joanne Dunn
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Palmyra, N.J.

For my niece Danielle Witsch. Our team is family members supporting her. This year it is a Rookie Ride for most of us. Aunts, Uncles and cousins will be riding. She is an inspiration to us all. Her father (my brother) lost his battle with cancer in 2007 and she gets strength from him and battles just as hard as he did. She never lets her "bad days" get her down. We do this for Danielle, for a cure for Danielle. And everyone who suffers along with her.

Joseph Doonis
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Sicklerville, N.J.

I ride because I want to raise money to help find a cure for this terrible malady of MS. I have no connection to MS, but I still want to help those with any connection at all. I will be riding with my dad, all 175 mile. It will be a challenge but it is totally worth it. The ride will be fun, and homey. My goal is to raise at least $1,500. If I raise more that will be amazing. Hope to see you all there, either riding, or cheering us all on. 

Ella Lee
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Bridgeton, N.J.

I was diagnosed in 1999, but I have had MS since I was a kid. I was lucky though. I found Dr. Markowicz at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002, he got me enrolled in the Tysabri study. Most of my symptoms are now GONE! I ride for all those before me that made my treatment possible. I ride because I can. I ride to feel the wind in my face. I ride for everyone who cannot ride for themselves. I ride for MS research. I ride for myself. 

Erin McCardle
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Drexel Hill, Pa.

I ride first for all those living with MS. I want to be a doctor and for me any new treatments or breakthroughs in the scientific community are amazing. I want to see a world free of MS and other debilitating diseases! I also ride for myself; it's a great challenge, especially for me. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis at 11 so it's not only physically tough; I like to mentally push my body to the limits as well. 

Thomas Hauber
Rides: City to Shore, Plaque Busters
Location: Feasterville, Pa.
This will be my fifth year riding in City to Shore. I ride for my wife Terry who was diagnosed with MS in 1999. Through research, exercise and determination she has maintained mobility and is an exciting and fantastic person. Terry has a service dog for balance named Guinness. Guinness was trained by Amazing Tails in Oxford, Pa. to assist her on long walks, climbing stairs, opening doors and other daily activities. The City to Shore ride is a tribute to the individuals who battle MS on a daily basis. Let's Find A CURE! 

Paul Rotter, Jr.
Rides: City to Shore, Al's Pals
Location: Douglassville, Pa.

Although I sometimes ride to outpace a wisdom of Wombats that pursue me relentlessly, I ride for four reasons:
1. To be reminded of the pain and discomfort that those with MS deal with on a daily basis.
2. To reunite with great friends that feel like family.
3. In memory of Al Scattergood, an MS participant for 20 years.
4. Boardwalk corndogs.

Valerie Buck
Rides: City to Shore, Team Anegada
Location: Salem, NY
I rode the MS ride before I really knew what MS was. I had a friend in my business diagnosed. He went through a difficult time, and I learned a little about the disease. Then I was diagnosed in 2004. I freaked out. I went to my friend and told him that they thought I had MS. The most difficult thing that I dealt with was telling my family. They freaked out. Ignorance scared us all. But through education, medication and probably most importantly support, I find myself today continuing to do most of the things I have enjoyed in my life, including my career. I still ride the horses, and have continued to ride the 175-mile City to Shore route with my family and teammates. I feel very fortunate for all that EVERYONE has done to support the research, education and support for people living with MS, and this can be my enveloping thank-you to all of you who have helped keep me doing what I love to do.

Ryan Levine
Rides: City to Shore, Wheel Tired
Location: Exton, Pa.
I have just been diagnosed with MS a month ago, and my friend has been doing this ride for two years. I have decided to join for everyone who has MS because I am just beginning to see what people are going through who have it. The scariest part of this is not knowing what could happen to me physically and if there is any way to help people in the future to know what will happen to them, I want to be a part of that. (Identifier: team T-shirt)

Carol Wiatrak
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Red Bank, N.J.
My cousin Jean Gildea was diagnosed with MS 30 years ago. Today, in her 60s, she lives in a care facility. Thankfully she's been there with her parents. Sadly, my Uncle Johnny, her dad, recently passed away at 96. I was able to see Jean and tell her of my intentions to ride for her in Bike MS. She was very pleased.
I'm also riding for Michael Weiss, husband to my friend Nicole. I became connected with Michael because another friend's cousin was just diagnosed, and I reached out to Nicole to see if Michael could help. Michael graciously volunteered, and thankfully he is an advocate for patients with MS. I was truly inspired by his positivity and strength.
And lastly I'm riding for all those who live with MS. I can't image what they go through, but seeing this disease's effects and hearing about the struggles... WE NEED A CURE. I feel we all have challenges, some more then others, but we should all do more to help, especially if we can.

Michael Warner
Rides: City to Shore, Warner's Wheelers
Location: Woodstown, N.J.

I've registered for Bike MS because I want to do something for everyone who has been diagnosed - which includes my family.
Sometimes you receive things from your parents that you are delighted to have. And then sometimes you get things you don't want at all. Our mom had MS and it got passed down to me. Now my three sons wonder whether they will get it too. Whenever one of them feels a tingle, or some kind of an unexplained sensation in his body, he worries. Did he get something from Dad or Grand mom that he'd rather not have?
I do not want them or my grandchildren to worry. I want them to know that "there will be a cure!" I do my best to support our team, which rides to help find a cure for this devastating disease. Right now I can see that bridge going into Ocean City. We're almost there. I hope you'll join us.

Patricia Stiebritz
Rides: City to Shore, Ridin for Myelin
Location: Hamilton Square, N.J.

My Husband Robert was diagnosed with MS just one year ago. On a daily basis he proves to me why I fell in Love with him. It's his commitment and dedication to his family. No matter how tired or how much he is struggling, he pushes through and continues to be a great father and husband. Watching him reminds me of how much we often take small things for granted. Doing simple things sometimes takes great effort, but he always pushes forward. Over the past year he has had to deal with a diagnosis he wasn't expecting and has learned to let the small stuff in life go. He is my hero. I haven't decided yet on an identifier for the ride.

Richard Jones
Rides: City to Shore, Virtua Lighthouse Hospice
Location: Westampton, N.J.

Edmond Proulx is much younger than I, and is coping with his MS with grace and cheerfulness. He still puts in a good day's work for our company and gets around with his wheeled walker. I have dedicated my rides to him for the past two years and manage to present him with the MS City to Shore medals after the ride. I will ride with an orange bandana as my identifier.
My other inspiration is now gone from this mortal coil and rests in a better place. Also named Ed, I knew him in the mid-70's while attending Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. 

Jessica Rudolph
Rides: City to Shore, Daisy Brigade
Location: Turnersville, N.J.

I ride for my cousin's wife Diane. She has two young kids. It's fun to ride to help people with MS. My team is trying to find a cure for MS. My identifier is a daisy.

Sarah Dorflinger
Rides: City to Shore, St. Albert the Great Gators
Location: Philadelphia, Pa.

Sarah will be riding for Neil Dorflinger, her father, and will be wearing a hot pink sign on her butt as her identifier. Ten years ago her dad was diagnosed with MS. From something as small as not feeling the hot pavement beneath one of his feet in 1999 to the frustration of increased trouble getting around today, MS has robbed him and millions of others of the ease of movement we used to take for granted.   

Leigh Leftwich
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Hatfield, Pa. 

As a rookie in this event (75 miles) , I am riding to support MS, get exercise and have a terrific time.

Theresa McHugh
Rides: City to Shore, Q's Breakin' Wind
Location: Columbus, N.J.

I ride for Bike MS because I want to do something for my sister, Marge, who was diagnosed about 15 years ago, and because I want to do everything to prevent more people from learning what it means to live with this disease

Amanda Zimmerman
Rides: City to Shore, Team AZimm
Location: Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

I ride for all those people, like myself, who have to wake up every morning and have to give themselves a shot. I ride for all the pain and suffering that people have gone through behind closed doors. On October 3, I will not have MS alone. I will triumph over it and look forward to the day of an MS-free life.

Patty Melvin
Rides: City to Shore, SustainaCycles

Location: Philadelphia

I ride because I can. I ride for all those affected with MS who cannot. I ride for my friend Lorraine, who lost her long battle with MS this August. I ride for her beautiful daughters and grandchildren and all those who knew her and loved her. To know Lorraine was to love her. My identifier is a bandana.

Susan Cowan
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Parkesburg, Pa.

Cathy Holdsworth is a sixth grade English teacher at my middle school. Though she teaches from a scooter, she has more energy and dedication to her profession, as well as to her husband and son, than many living without MS. Her constant efforts to give her students what they need to reach their full potential is an inspiration to all of us who work with her. I'll be collecting sponsors and riding this year with a red and white wrist band (school colors) in an effort to provide more funding to fight against and find a cure for this debilitating disease.

Kevin Hart
Rides: City to Shore, Team Ramrod
Location: Audubon, N.J. 

Kevin is riding for his Great Aunt Pat. His family is extremely important to him, so he looks to honor her and all others with MS. He will be riding with a red heart as his identifier. Kevin says he didn't really know much about MS, but he saw this as an opportunity to educate himself and others for this truly important cause. "People helping people... it is a beautiful thing."

Mary Terreson
Rides: City to Shore, Team Inspire
Location: Robesonia, Pa.

I ride for my cousin Rita Conboy, who lived a full life in spite of MS. I remember when we were little she would notice when your nails were painted, so on the day of the ride I'm going to paint my nails for Rita. Her smile and the love she showed for her family everyday will be with us always.

Karol Collins
Rides: City to Shore
Location: Coatesville, Pa.

This year will be my seventh year riding in the MS 150. The first year I rode, I had no idea what an impact this event was going to have on me. I had known people with MS, but never really knew too much about it, nor did I know how to help do anything about it.

During that first ride, all I could think about was myself. I thought about my sore legs, my sore 'seat' and just how I wanted the whole thing to be over. When we finally entered Ocean City, I noticed there were people lining the streets, cheering us on. Some of these people were in wheelchairs and had MS. They were saying, "Thank you."

I was no longer thinking of myself. I was thinking of all of the people that have MS and can't ride a bike; I was thinking of how lucky I was to have sore legs and how I would be a part of this event for as long as I can ride a bike.

Every year since then, as I ride into Ocean City, I get the same feeling. It's a feeling I can't even describe. I encourage anyone who likes to ride a bike and loves to help others, to seriously consider joining in this wonderful event. Since that first ride, two friends of mine have been diagnosed with MS. I will be riding for Theresa Smith and Jim Wickwire, as well as everyone else that has MS.

This year, I have partnered with my local Applebee's and am hosting a Flapjack Fundraiser on July 18. All proceeds will go towards my fundraising efforts for the ride this year. I will have everyone in attendance sign a bandana for the ride so I can take them all with me. 

"The Steves" Stephen Drayton & Steve Burch
Rides: City to Shore
Location: West Collingswood, N.J.

We ride on behalf of Anne Schmid. She is a local resident of our town struggling daily with MS and a friend of our neighbor as well. Knowing that we are able to do the ride and make a difference in just one person’s life makes everything worthwhile for us. Knowing that she volunteers to help others also drives us to want to do more for her. Anne is not just looking for someone to help her. She also wants to help others and encourages us daily. She writes us empowering notes and when we do training rides in her area, we frequently stop by her house for a hug and some more encouragement. We are big believers of neighbors helping neighbors and tend to act locally first and nationally and globally second and third. 

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