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Everybody has a reason for participating in City to Shore, whether they have a personal connection to MS or if it’s just for the thrill. Ultimately by riding, you are showing your support for the thousands of people affected by MS. In addition to promoting awareness, the orange ribbon you’ll receive in your rider number packet serves as a reminder of why we ride. You can pin it to your jersey or your rider number, or attach it to your bike, either way you are showing your support. Proudly wear this ribbon ride weekend and show your support in creating a world free of MS.

If you are riding for someone in particular, have them sign your ribbon or write their name on it, and share your reason for riding with us by clicking the ‘why I ride’ box below. Even if you may not have a personal connection to MS currently, you are riding for someone by participating in City to Shore. Meet our Champions below and read how your fundraising dollars are making a difference in the lives of people living with MS in our area.

Learn more about the Why I Ride program.

Meet the 2013 Champions living with MS

*Note: All profiles below are in PDF format.

Champion-Andria Williams.jpeg

Andria Williams

Age: 43
Year diagnosed: 2010

Read Andria's story

Champion-Bernice McDowel.jpg

Bernice J. McDowel

Age: 52
Year diagnosed: 1994

Read Bernice's story

Champion-Igor St Phard-cropped.jpg

Igor St. Phard

Age: 42
Year diagnosed: 2008

Read Igor's story

Champion-Marcie Cox.jpg

Marcie Cox

Age: 51
Year diagnosed: 2005

Read Marcie's story

Champion-Tom Cummings.jpg

Thomas Cummings

Age: 52
Year diagnosed: 2003

Read Thomas's story

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Why I Ride...

Tell us why you ride

Find out why others are riding

Learn more about the Why I Ride program



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