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Even if you may not have a personal connection to MS currently, you are riding for someone by participating in Bike MS. Meet our Champions below and read how your fundraising dollars are making a difference in the lives of people living with MS in our area.

  2016 MS Champions

Denise Franklin

"I started fundraising because I know where the money goes. I know that so many things wouldn’t be happening without the MS Society. And I’m not just talking about drugs getting approved. I’m talking about programs that help people and services that pay for doctor visits and more."

Read Denise's Story

Kelly Griffith

"The MS Society has been a big advocate for me. They had a lift installed in the ceiling of my bedroom so I can get in and out of bed, which was a tremendous, wonderful gift. And they helped me when I needed a new wheelchair. So I like to give back when I can because the MS Society has been so good to me and my family."

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Shay McCray

"The resources are one thing, but the National MS Society gives me a lot of hope...Knowing the Society is there for me and being an advocate for the disease has just made me feel more positive about the diagnosis as a whole."

Read Shay's Story


Lisa Houser

"The National MS Society helps me find out about new treatments and helps with my medicine and co-pays. The medicine is very expensive, and the MS Society can make connections to resources to help pay for it."

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